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Most of the buyer used to take apparel from china but why Bangladesh is the right place now a days?


  1. * Cost Effectiveness: Our low manufacturing costs advantages over china in terms of labor cost, it will help brands and retailers achieve high profit margins
  3. * Industry Infrastructure: Now World most like more than 100 green factory in Bangladesh, factory equipped with modern machinery , this infrastructure supports efficient production processes, quality control  and compliance with international standards and regulations.
  5. * Manufacturing expertise: We are vertically set up composite factory where all the backward facility like fabrics knitting-dyeing-embroidery- printing-cutting-sewing-finishing under the same premises, we have developed a strong expertise in the manufacturing process, over the years the BD Governments has  invested and established specialized garments manufacturing zones like Dhaka EPZ, Chittagonj EPZ and many more Zones are in progress
  7. * Proximity to major market: Bangladesh is strategically located, providing proximity to major consumer markets such as Europe and USA. This geographical advantage reduces lead time and transportation cost, enabling faster delivery like 3o to 4o days
  9. * Favorable trade agreement: Bangladesh enjoys preferential trade agreements with various countries including EU, Canada and Japan, These agreements provide duty free or reduced duty access to these markets,
  11. * Increasing focus on sustainability: The Bangladeshi garment industry has been actively working on improving sustainability practices. There is a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, renewable energy usage, and social compliance initiatives. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the preferences of many consumers and brands worldwide

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